Vision, mission, aims and objectives


Marijampole Rimantas Stankevicius Basic School is an independent, seeking for improvement general education school that implements primary and basic education programmes, providing safe and healthy conditions for education, with hope to create conditions for children with physical disabilities to study from the age 7 to18 due to disincline social exclusion.

This is the school which is open for change, responding to pupils, parents (foster-parents) and society’s needs, fostering humanistic and Christian values, attractive because of its content, working methods, education quality, constantly cherishing a pupil’s personality.

This is the school cooperating with the society of the town, schools of the Republic and European countries.

This is the school where pupils will be hosts, where close relations among the members of the community, creative atmosphere and collaboration will dominate.


To provide basic education with a particular focus on skills and abilities;

To guarantee a compliance of general education curriculum and education standards requirements.

To develop a personality receptive to education and culture, who is capable after the school graduation to adapt, to work and improve under the conditions of quick technological change.

To install advanced teaching technologies into the educational process.

To facilitate and create the environment, in which free and responsible personalities would foster.

To run interdisciplinary integration in order to create real opportunities to continue education at higher education institutions.

To communicate and cooperate with the county and country's educational institutions, to share different educational experiences.

To improve the person's, who is involved in the school community, needs and quality.

To make the school management more effective including the members of the school community into it.

To support an active citizenship, equal possibilities and social cohesion.

Educational tasks and goals for 2013-2014:

To develop students' provisions which allow to become an honest, knowledge seeking, independent, responsible and patriotic -minded person, and to create conditions for all students to receive a qualitative education.

The following objectives are planned to achieve the aim:

  1. To improve a quality of a lesson.
  2. To apply various integration methods into educational processes, optimizing a learner’s study load.
  3. To improve efficiency of a class master and teacher’s activities, raising a pupil’s values.
  4. To develop the school community cooperation culture, to create a cosy and modern educational environment.
  5. To prepare for 80 years establishment anniversary of the school.