Vision, mission, aims and objectives


narcizai 2021

Vision, mission, aims and objectives


the safest, most appealing basic school in Marijampole that invites the community to collaborate and guarantees the experience of education success and health improvement for each pupil.


Rimantas Stankevicius basic school implements primary, basic and informal education programmes for pupils. To meet the needs of pupils, the school specifies and personalizes the education content. It forms moral, national, civic, and patriotic provisions, culture and social maturity of pupils. The school provides informational, psychological, social pedagogical, and special pedagogical support, it also carries out health care, professional orientation and minimal care tools.


The aim is to improve the quality of pupils’ education and achievements, teachers’ activities that are oriented towards individual progress of each pupil, to ensure safe and healthy educational environment, and also to strengthen the image of open and appealing school.


To differentiate and personalize the content during lessons.

To create a model of observation of individual pupil development and self-evaluation.

To promote teachers’ leadership oriented towards staff collaboration.

To promote civic, national and school traditions.

To create appealing, safe and healthy educational environment.