narcizai 2021



The school provides general primary, basic and implements non-formal education programmes:

  • primary education programme;
  • basic education programme.
  • The school organizes pupils with special educational needs education in common classrooms using:
  • special programme;
  • individualised primary education programme;
  • individualised basic education programme.
  • If needed, taking into account the financial resources, the school implements pre-school education programme.

School carries out non-formal education programmes:

  • art of reading;
  • literati;
  • regional studies;
  • economy;
  • ecology;
  • art;
  • sports;
  • technology;
  • choral singing;
  • choreography;
  • social emotional development;
  • ethnic culture;
  • professional information;
  • drama;
  • scouts.

Formal education programmes curriculum options provided by the school:

  • 1-4 forms – from class 2 foreign (English) language training.

1-4 forms students have an opportunity to develop academic, artistic, athletic abilities in these self-expression and sports clubs:

  • choral singing;
  • choreography;
  • social emotional development;
  • sports;
  • drama;

In 1-4 forms students actively participate in scouts, ‘Valanciukai' organizations activities.

In 5-10 forms – starting from form 5 emphasised teaching of English.

In 9-10 forms implemented emphasised arts and technology teaching.

Students in forms 5-8 have an opportunity to study the following elective subjects:

  • ethnic culture (form 5)
  • healthy lifestyle (forms 7-8).

9-10 forms students are offered elective subjects modules:

  • Math, Lithuanian, English, information technology, history.

5-10 forms students have an opportunity to develop artistic and athletic and academic skills in the following non-formal education programmes:

  • literati, artistic reading, choral singing;
  • choreography, art, sports, ecology and regional studies.