Short School History



Short School History

The school was opened in 1934 . It is the second oldest school in Marijampole.

After closing Teachers Seminary, in autumn, 1934 from a mixed high school all the girls were transferred to the seminary premises. A new school was named girls' school (later 2nd secondary school), there were about 16 classes and it was active until 1940. The first director of the school since 1934 August 1 was a former seminary director Feliksas Treigys, who continued his duties till 1940. He was an innovative educator, a good mathematician, caring, accurate and authoritative director.

In 1940 a state boys and girls high schools as well as monks Marians classical and Jewish high schools merged into two mixed ones. In 1940-1941 the gymnasium stated work in pedagogical school premises. The school was led by Juze Kudirkaite.

When the war started in 1941 the school moved to the former Marians gymnasium. Occupants were in rage: they denied textbooks, repressions took place. During the occupation, the school administration, teachers tried to keep the Lithuanian spirit. For this the school director Zigmas Masaitis was arrested, deported to Stutthof concentration camp and then tortured to death. M. Kriauciunas suffered in the camp as well but survived and returned to Marijampole.

In 1944 - 1945 the gymnasium was moved to J. Jablonskis secondary school premises and there were two shifts taught in.

After the war the whole school, including the gymnasium II, seemed unenviable: broken windows, scattered archives, torn libraries. Everything had to be replace anew..

In 1949 the gymnasiums were transformed into secondary schools with 11 years of learning. During the post-war years, 1944 – 1950, the school used Gymnasium I facilities. The school directors were: A. Tiesis, A. Jurevicius, P. Lapinskas, J. Stankūnas.

In 1951 the school started its work in former Marians gymnasium premises. The school expanded and could not hold all students. Since 1957 the school had a new director V. Baltrusaitis. Great news arrived: a new school in the city centre would be built. Our school's cornerstone was laid in 1958, so expected September 1 was in 1961.

In 1968 September 1, F. Petrauskas was appointed as a director. Since 1977 to 2011 the school director was Danute Sliuziene.

In 2002 September 1, the school was given Rimantas Stankevicius name.

In 2009 September 1, Marijampole Rimantas Stankevicius secondary school status was changed into a basic school status. The school has responsible teachers’ team, united by common goals, cooperation, mutual respect and openness. Our school is based on moral and spiritual values, which are reflected in the school’s philosophy, vision, mission, aims and objectives.

From 2012 January 2, Asta Ivoskaite leads the school.