They studied at our school



They studied at our school

Gintautas - Jurgis Cesnys ( 1940-2009 b.)


Doctor, anatomist and anthropologist, doctor in biomedicine. In 1963 graduated from Vilnius university. In 1986 doctor in biology sciences. Since 1963 a lecturer at Vilnius university, in 1988 – 2001 the head of anatomy, histology and anthropolgy departament. In 1989- 2000 Dean of the Department of Medicine. One of the Lithuanian ethnic anthropolgy authors. The most important research areas: children‘s physical and psychomotor development, Lithuanian ethnogenesis, paleogemography and paleo population genetics. Participated in identifying historical figures from skeletons.

Arunas Kapsevicius ( b.1967)


Activist in public and politics, writer, publicist. In 2000 - 2002 Council member of Marijampole Municipality; 2002 – 2007 Council member, Council secretary of Marijampole Municipality.

Birute Kurtinaitiene (b. 1956)


Head of Marijampole Women Buisiness and Manager Club, a photographer amateur, put on eight personal exhibitions. Participates in a short film festivals ‘A White Barn‘ and was awarded by the chairman of the Seimas A. Valinskas in 2009 June 23. In 2010 participated in a virtual contest ‘Vilnius by Night‘.

Gytis Luksas (b. 1946)


Lithuanian film director. Films: a novel‘Telephone‘ in TV film‘Funny Stories‘ (1973), TV film ‘Bell‘ ( in 1974, to K. Saja). A picture show ‘Fell Oaks‘ (1976, to J. Baltusis), etc. In 2006 was awarded with the Knights cross of Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas‘ order.

Romas Linionis (b. 1951)


Photoartist, the member of Lithuanian photoartist Union. In 1994 he was awarded with the honorary of International Photoartist Federation. The author of series of photographs ‘Creators‘, ‘The Town by the Sesupe‘, ‘Reconstruction‘,‘ Sūduva‘s Region People‘,‘Native Land‘, ‘Monuments for People and Works‘, Lithuanian castles and mounds‘ and others. Organized Republic ethnographic photography exhibitions, humorous and personal exhibitions.

Nijole Sinkeviciute (b. 1956)


A Composer. Her created chorus pieces for adults and children which were performed in a republic schoolchildren song festival (1996). Worldwide Lithuanian (1997) and Baltoscandic song festivals (2002); four pieces were included in the Song Festival in 2003. A winner of the contest ‘Songs for schoolchildren choir‘ (1996), her chorus- instrumental pieces‘ Colourful Cycle‘, cantata‘Sun Way‘and miniatures cycle ‘Christmas Music‘ was awarded in 1995, 1996, 1997 Stasys Simkus‘ awards.

Ausra- Terese Tuminaite – Kucinskiene (b. 1943)


An artist, monumentalist. Creates classical (figurative and decorative), modern spatial tapestries, batics using individual technique for exhibitions, interiors. Designs costumes for Lithuanian television films, performances, various, chorus groups, clothes standards for factories, exhibitions, individuals. Created stage settings for music and ballet shows on Lithuanian television. Creates exlibrises, book covers, draws, paints portraits.

Sigitas Valancius (b. 1957 ).


Educator, Marijampole Municipality and Lithuanian activist of trade unions and in politics. In 1992-2000 Marijampole Higher Agricultural School Director, 2000-2011 Marijampole College director. Since 2011 Deputy Mayor of Marijampole Municipality.

Albinas Visockis


Historian and social sciences lecturer, author of the history books. Since 1979 Vilnius Pedagogical Institute docent, Dean of Department of History, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs. In 1992-1993 in Foreign Ministry of Lithuania was an attaché of Commonwealth of Independent States Department.Since 1993 in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania: the chief consultant, team leader, head of the sub-department and the department.

Violeta Urmanaviciute - Urmana (b. 1961).


World-known opera singer, Lithuanian opera diva. In 1993-1994 won several international competitions, was invited to debut in Bayreuth festival, and soon - and La Scala, Milan. V. Urmanaviciute repertoire is very broad. "From Verdi and Wagner " – she is presented in the world directories. She sung in the most famous theatres in the world - New York, Milan, Munich, etc. V. Urmanaviciute sang under the baton of famous conductors in the world as well as in Lithuania.

Indra Dovydenaite


Designer, a fashion stylist. In Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts acquired a master's degree in costume design. ‘To prepare a clothes collection one year is not enough. They are prepared longer. When creating collections I never attach to time because fashion is like that - what are you wearing today is no in vogue any more. Style is the most important to me, and that is not a pursuit for fashion’.

Aniuta Vitkauskaite Dukyniene (1948 - 2000)


A poet ( nickname – Fields Grass), a songwriter and a performer. Published books, ‘Fields Grass’ (1992), ‘A Moment in a Travel Diary’ (1996). In 1992 in a republican song contest Fields Grass’s ‘ A Song to a Mom’ earned her a diplomaed name, and in 1993 in the same competition for the song ‘Lullaby’ she was recognized as a winner.

Ramute Kabelkaite (1940 - 2012)


An actress, educator. Since 1958 September acted in Kapsukas State Puppet Theatre, since 1960 in Kaunas Puppet Theatre. She us one of the museum's curators. The most memorable roles: Dishperanda – ‘Devil's Mill’ , sister in ‘Egle- the Queen of Serpents’, Trosha in ‘Hares School’.

Dalia Zita Urneviciute - Pileniene (1932 - 2002)


A poet, a prose writer, a dramatist. Published almost twenty poetry, prose, drama books. These are: the book of poems ‘May Rain’ (1960), ‘Seven Valleys’ (1965), ‘Sundays Islands’ (1981), ‘Circles’ (1988), short stories books ‘Widow's Rues’ (1972), ‘Glass House’ (1976), ‘A Week in the Middle of a Year’ (1989), a novel ‘Revenge’ (1991), nine sets of plays. Plays ‘Call Me Mother’, ‘Daddy’s Toys’, ‘Tyluva - 2 km’, and others were casted in theatres and on television, Lithuania and abroad.

Jurgis Kazimieras Staniskis (b. 1943)


Lithuanian environmentalist, doctor in bioengineering, professor, visiting professor at Lund University. Scientific journal ‘Environmental Research, Engineering and Management' chief editor. International Journal ‘Waste Management & Research’, ‘Bioautomation’ , ‘Energy Manager’ member of editorial boards.